“When you dream, dream in color”

Upon A Star Events is Boston’s preeminent family and children’s event planner. Each affair is custom designed and as distinct and original as the individual it celebrates. Elisabeth Accardi brings her unparalleled creative talents to every occasion, working with you to make your special event a memory that will last a lifetime. Every detail is covered, every wish fulfilled. If you can imagine it, Elisabeth can achieve it.

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The Pop Shop Activity Stations are created especially for you and your guests to indulge in a submersive hands on form of entertainment at your event in a DIY studio atmosphere!! Elisabeth and her team of creative artists produce right in front of your very eyes, creative event stations we sometimes call it guest swag, that will truly knock your socks off and amaze and delight your guests. A Leather Stamped Luggage Tag for the world traveler, Buildable Solar Powered Night Lights, Beachside Marine Striped Nautical Bracelet, Polar Scoopable Ice Cream Body Scrub, Summer Gnome Gardens, Sporty Varsity Spirit PJ’s….the ideas just spill out when she is creating your event! Elisabeth produces an event that engages your senses and relative to your event makes complete sense! Your event should be an extension of you and what better way to show your guests what makes you click then to show just what makes you tick!